The Princess Bride (And Handsome Groom)..As you wish

Long long ago (well, not really, just December 2016) we had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful wedding of Lesley & Michael. Hans Christian Andersen said “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale”; and this was certainly the case for our bride & groom. Lesley and Michael met in Australia. Both from Cork, growing up within 5 miles of each other, they travelled 10,000 miles to meet.
Her friend and family would say that Lesley is always a princess, so having a dream wedding with sprinkles of sparkles was always on.
When you are so far away it can be a challenge in organising the wedding. The families at home acted as the best wedding planners extraordinaire\magic fairy godmothers. Think beautiful princess, handsome groom, and even sparkly light up Disney princess shoes. (Just Like your Fairy godmother would wave her magic wand and make for you).
Michael was looking very dapper in a tailored suit. He and the groomsmen hung around the Gallows.
In many fairytales, the wedding is at the end and the prince rescues the princess in the castle before that. But everyone writes their own story and in our case the wedding was towards the beginning followed by beautiful photos in Blackrock Castle. It was turretly enjoyable (ouch!).
After the castle, the magic car(pet) whisked them away to the Rochestown Park Hotel. Friends and family were on hand to celebrate this special occasion. Michael and Lesley were proving that celebrating their wedding was a piece of cake and what a cake.
All great fairytales should end with a bunch of lads smoking cigars outside. Only joking this was just the intermission and Michaels special request for the day.
They danced the night away and are continuing to write their own happy ever after…