Clare & Martin – Pitch Perfect

An outdoor Marquee Wedding at your sisters rural idyll in beautiful West Cork. Some people thought they were brave – I thought Clare and Martin were simply FANTASTIC.
We were super exited about photographing the wedding. Every wedding is unique, and some weddings are REALLY unique (What?)! Clare & Martin planned their special day in a beautiful old farm (on loan from her super sister and brother-in-law). The bridal suite set the tone.

Dads always make the perfect chauffeaur to get to your venue. Especially when it is HIS car AND it made the trip.

To our wonderful venue

Where do your guests stay when you are having a rural wedding? Answer a tented village.

A little breather and some music to calm the nerves

Walking down the garden aisle.

Incredible music from family & friends.

From the ceremony to the wondeful courtyard for drinks. Loads of signs so no one got lost!

Meanwhile in the Marquee some last minute touch-ups to the cake created by Martin’s sister.

Love this fabulous country lane

You should always have umbrellas for an Irish Wedding and if you dont need for the rain you can always have fun with them.

A little breather before dinner

In keeping with the theme of the day – the guys had a funky food solution.

For us the evening ended on a high!