Carlton Hotel Kinsale

One of the great things about being a wedding photographer is that you get to spend quite a bit of your working life in some really fabulous places. Few come close to the Carlton Hotel in Kinsale. I absolutely adore the atrium at night – the effects the lights have on the windows. Kelly-Ann took a quick break from her reception to get this great shot last march.

[Photo: Rose Gowan]


As well as the fab Carlton, you also have the wonderfully photogenic Charlesfort in Kinsale. Who can resist a good drawbridge??

[Photo: Rose Gowan]
When booking a wedding photographer also bear in mind that ONLY photographer with full and proper public liability insurance can take your wedding pictures at OPW sites like Charlesfort. Something to think about as part of your selection criteria.

The Carlton has also been home to my TWO MOST favourite cakes of the year so far. This brilliant soccer-themed bride and groom from Kelly-Ann and John in march.

[Photo: Rose Gowan]

AND the incredible Lego theme from Peter and Trish also last march. It still brings a smile to my face.



Which is why I am really looking forward to going to the Wedding Fair on Sunday September 28th at the Carlton. Come join me, have a chat and make sure you get some great pics too!!!